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Hyperscrub: The Medical-Grade Dog Paw Scrubber 

Paw-centric design, safe, snug, easy-to-use: The most deep cleansing paw scrubber for your pup.

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Now Live On Kickstarter!

  • Remove Dirt, Fecal Matter, Allergens, Salt, Ticks & Fleas
  • Deep cleanse of the Paw Pad, Nails & Webspace
  • Prevent Infections, Allergic Reactions, Paw Licking & Redness


Restore Good Paw Health and Protect Your Home from Micro-Invaders!

Chase - "The Popular Pup"

 Bexley - "The Pitty Pup"

Buddy - "Buddy Dass"

Now Live On Kickstarter!

What Do Hyerscrub Early Testers Think? 

 "Really unique brush that cleans my dogs paws thoroughly, even the nails and web space. I highly recommend this product!

- Michael S.

"My two dogs were very cooperative when I used the Hyperscrub, and enjoyed the process better than when I tried to clean their paws with a cloth. The Hyper Scrub is well built, a good buy." 

- Amy

"During these cold muddy days my 4 dogs track in so much mud. I was sick of washing the floors all day. This scrubber solved that problem and is so easy to use." 

 - Carie L.

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